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Business / Enterprise

Apache2Triad spells instant and facile deployment of web software on any windows server along the lines of the WAMP paradigm in a point and click manner in just minutes and is a ideal solution for the setup of server farms.

A2T has been customised for clients like ADSI , Magasec to only contain the components of their choice or add another and/or include their own software in order to streamline their deployment process.

A2T implies a level of experience and insight amassed over a number of 24 releases spanning 3 years and continuous user support and commercial customizations.

Personal / Educational

Apache2Triad sports around half a million downloads and over 3 years of real-world testing and is one of the leading open source WAMP stacks.

A2T is featured in lab files of the prestigious CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) v5 Foundations course and is used in many other teaching environments.

A2T is used for hosting many sites of the Turkish and Brazilian governments as well as thousands of private websites worldwide.

A2T is being recommended in windows setup manuals of many open source software like rubyonrails , dotproject and is the program of choice on many web programming papers.

eWEEK Labs tests WAMP vs. LAMP stacks
From the article :
"The results of our WAMP stack tests indicate that these folks might be on to something. Our WAMP stack setups included Windows Server 2003, Apache, MySQL and the PHP-based XOOPS; Plone running on Windows Server 2003 R2; and JBoss and MySQL on Windows Server 2003.

The results we saw with the WAMP stacks were probably the biggest surprise in our entire test. Enterprise IT managers shouldn't hesitate to look into the option of deploying open-source stacks on a Windows Server platform."
By Jim Rapoza July 9, 2006

InfoWorld article on Open source on Windows
From the article :
"I have a confession to make. Sometimes, when I’m trying out an unfamiliar open source component, I cheat. Even if the software I’m working on will deploy to Linux, I’ll sometimes develop it on Windows first.

Why? Because on Windows, an open source component is likely to come with an installer that just works. That’s a huge advantage. The game of software development is dominated by the evaluation of available components and the selection of those that best meet needs. To play well you must be able to evaluate and select as easily and quickly as you can."
By Jon Udell July 6, 2006


View known list of antivirus false positives in apache2triad

I get asked by a lot of people about why antiviruses detect worms , trojans , malware , backdoors etc in apache2triad co
Posted by : Vlad Alexa Mancini On : 17 Jun 2009 Comment

View installer source released

I stopped developing this project for quite a while now, and it is unlikely i will ever resume it , someone recently ask
Posted by : Vlad Alexa Mancini On : 3 Feb 2009 Comment

View apache2triad 1.4.4 slimftpd bug

Synopsis :

On clean Windows 2000 SP4 install , upon default apache2triad 1.4.4 install the slimftpd service doe
Posted by : Vlad Alexa Mancini On : 27 Apr 2006 Comment

View apache2triad 1.5.4 is out

the edge release of the 1.x.4 series , all users are advised to update to 1.x.4 because of the security vulnerability im
Posted by : Vlad Alexa Mancini On : 20 Feb 2006 Comment

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Work stopped on Apache2Triad in 2006 after 4 years of development, there are many reasons behind this but the breaking changes to windows starting with XP have played a significant part, the forums and everything else will remain online.

Since then i have stopped using windows entirely and switched to OSX, the operating system on Mac's that comes with apache, php, perl, python etc. already built in and updated automatically from Apple, needless to say i never looked back once.

It was a wild ride, thanks to everyone that helped and supported the project, Vlad.