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 3 small questions on MySQL usage
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First of all, let me thank the makers of A2T for their product. My working station crashed, and I couldn't full restore WAMP after working for 10 hours. I downloaded and installed A2T and had it up and running in about 30 minutes.

There are some differences though. I miss the command line MySQL interface. Anyone know where I can get and install it?

I managed to save the db.opt and .frm tables from my current project, but how and where do I import them to MySQL?

Thirdly, the phpMyAdmin tool is not letting me log out of MySQL. I open phpMyAdmin, select MySQL from the dolphin icon, and when I select the log out link it fails. I have to close the browser to get out of it. Is there a fix for this? I've tried both FireFox and Mozilla, where it just keeps looping back to the password box, and IE cancels me out after three tries. And why do I have to log in more than once? At first I thought I was making typos, but is simply seems not to be accepting the input the first time.

I'm working on a Windows XP laptop and the installation went totally smooth.

Thanks again,



I solved the problem of a CLI by installing Cygwin. Actually, I noticed that the original MySQL I installed before the crash may have included the MaxDB packages, and I noticed that the MaxDB packages included Cygwin. I installed Cygwin and now can connect to MySQL using:
mysql -u username -p
and get prompted for a password, then get into MySQL. I can do this from the Windows command line also, but the bash shell holds a history and there is a handy scrollbar for me to go back and see what i did.

I would like to see this included in the next A2T package. I can tell if my php scripts are updating my tables by simply looking at them from the command line. I'm new to the A2T toolset, and haven't worked out any best practices for debugging yet.

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Vlad Alexa Mancini
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

to get the mysql client just write mysql in a windows command shell

that is strange , i put the cygwin libs in C:\apache2triad\bin\ , and unless the installer failed to add that to your system path it should have no problem loading the libraries
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 5:48 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yes, I negelected to mention that I was able to get to mysql from the Windows cmd window, but it lacks the niceties of a scrollable window, repeatable commands, etc. that the bash shell has. As I mentioned, before the crash and before A2T I had a bash shell cli explicitly labled MySQL CLI. It probably came with the MAXDB I had loaded. I did not mean to imply that there was no command line connection at all, just that the explicit CLI tool for MySQL that I was expecting was not present.

And if Cygwin was included in the A2T installation, it did, indeed, fail to appear. I just checked my directories, and there are two cygwin DLL's in the bin file, so apparently it didn't add tow the path and did't appear in any of my menus. (Who knows, I may have been able to access it somehow, but overlooked the possibility because I was under a deadline and didn't see it in the menus. Now, of course, I have Cygwin in my menu and an Icon on my desktop.)

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