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 Movable Type script - mod_perl or httpd.conf or...?
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 10:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi, I'm trying to install the personal version of Movable type so someone can come in and put a Flex/PHP front end on it for my homepage blog, but I can't get past step 1. It says something of Perl, which I've never had to use before, and it doesn't explicate what file per se I need to put the following into. If I copy directly from the instructions hopefully someone can give me some guidance as to where in the newest version of A2T this would go and what it would look like, if possible:

mod_perl Configuration:

Movable Type is compatible with mod_perl 1.x, an Apache server
extension that keeps Perl in memory to make Perl applications run
faster. If you have mod_perl installed, here is a sample configuration to
use for Movable Type:

use lib '/file_path/to/mt/lib';
use lib '/file_path/to/mt/extlib';
Alias /mt/mt-static /file_path/to/mt/mt-static
PerlModule MT::App::CMS
<Location /mt/app>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler MT::App::CMS
PerlSetVar MTConfig /file_path/to/mt/mt-config.cgi

In addition, add the following settings to your Movable Type
configuration file (mt-config.cgi):

# This should match the location of the 'Alias' specified
# in the httpd configuration file.
StaticWebPath http://www.example.com/mt/mt-static/
AdminScript /mt/app

You can configure any of your Movable Type CGI scripts to run under
mod_perl in this way. Each will require an additional "PerlModule" and
"<Location>" block as shown above as well as a line in the Movable Type
configuration file to specify the new location. Refer to the Movable
Type configuration reference for the names of all of the "[...]Script"
configuration settings available.


Any ideas what all this means? And it also says to put the installation under my normal cgi script area, but I don't know if that would be simply htdocs or somewhere else.

Download the Distribution File.
Download the latest Movable Type distribution file and transfer it to your web
server. Unpack the software into your web server CGI directory. For example,
if you had downloaded the Movable Type US English distribution with the CGI
directory as your present working directory, you could use this command to
unpack it: tar xvfz /path/to/dist/like/MTE-1.0-en_US.tar.gz

So I unpack it and call the dir mt (as it says in the next step, not noted), but where do I put it?

Sorry for the dumb Q's but I'm not very good at all at the back end of things...and they won't support this without a licence purchase, which I wouldn't make until AFTER the personal version is proof-positive I want to use it.


Does anyone know? Thanks kindly:)

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